An immigrant from France, Rachel Cheetham-Richard comes from a family of migrants. From Vietnam, Algeria, England, Australia, Japan, France or the Gobi Desert in China, the stories of her family have woven the fabric of her imagination. She has traveled throughout Europe and visited South America, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States. She settled in Philadelphia in 1995 and has since become an American citizen.

Intensely urban in her interests, her snapshots (in the tradition of The American Snapshot 1888-1978, from the collection of Robert Jackson, National Gallery of Art and Princeton University Press, 2007) capture the hustle and bustle of human activities. More recently her work has focused on reconstructing images into another form of narrative; a narrative that is fragmented, distorted but then rebuilt into a whole that reveals an alternative reality.

Since arriving in Philadelphia, Rachel has employed by the French American Chamber of Commerce, the Avenue of the Arts, the Wilma Theater, and serves as Vice-President of the software engineering firm, Azavea.

In 2011 Rachel Cheetham-Richard and Dan Rose formed Steamroller Labs devoted to visual experimentation; and the results of their collaboration have been widely exhibited in Philadelphia.

Rachel Cheetham-Richard and Dan Rose Poilu 2017 From l’argot des tranchees, a French infantry soldier of World War I meaning “hairy one.”

rachel by dan